Psychotherapy in Nature

Psychotherapy in nature is simply that – where the therapy room is nature itself instead of a traditional consulting room.

Nature brings so much more to therapy than is possible in an indoor setting.

Simply being in nature is grounding. You become less stressed and adrenalised and this provides a powerful window to healing and change.

Nature Allied Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that sits alongside the theories of eco-psychology, eco-therapy and wild therapy. These approaches believe that alienation from nature contributes to suffering, a sense of disconnection and illness – mental and physical. Reciprocally, nature heals.

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and alienating environments, psychotherapy in nature becomes a way of gently accessing and bringing the natural world into ones life with the support of another. A stepping stone towards a more grounded, nourished and satisfying sense of belonging in the world.

I currently offer nature allied psychotherapy sessions from my woodland ‘office’ in North London. To arrange an initial session or for more information contact me on 07949 580881 or

(Photo by Olena Bohovyk)